About us

LTN-Pharm is a newly research-based pharmaceutical company with the headquarters major research center in St. Petersburg, Russia and regional offices in the EU. LTN-Pharm is engaged in development and registration of its own, original medicinal drugs. The analysis of problems of modern medicine has led the company’s scientists to comprehension of the necessity of development of new antifungal drugs. Treatment of diseases caused by fungi is of current importance for all countries. A serious challenge is mycoses occurring as a result of socially significant diseases such as AIDS,  tuberculosis, malignant neoplasms, treatment of patients after transplantation of organs and tissues, especially the bone marrow. We intend to struggle mycotic diseases that affects millions of people and try to help those few patients who suffer from Orphan diseases caused by fungi. Today the LTN-Pharm team consists of chemists and microbiologists with proven record to discovery, development and commercialization within rare diseases. The project is supported by Grand of “Skolkovo” Fund.