Patient product information

Basic data 1.1. Mycobactovir is an innovative antifungal drug, a representative of a new class of compounds. 1.2. Mycobactovir has a wide range of action (all known unicellular and multicellular fungi and their spores, including clones resistant to available medicinal drugs), shows a fungicidal effect (kills fungi). When used locally in higher concentrations, it also kills bacteria. Fields of application of Mycobactovir
  • Superficial, cutaneous and subcutaneous mycoses, including mycoses of the urogenital tract and mouth cavity, visceral mycoses with localization of processes in the respiratory apparatus,
  • Mycoses in patients with immunodeficiency
(AIDS, oncology, transplantology, endocrine disorders, long-lasting antibiotic, glucocorticoid, cytostatic therapy) Advantages of Mycobactovir
  • Fungicidal toward all types of fungi and their spores
  • Has an innovative chemical structure and effects on strains resistant to available medicinal drugs
  • Penetrate into biofilms of fungi
  • Hypotoxic